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Product Description

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Manufacturer Description

Now you can use what the Pros use. When polishing the following marble types: pure white (Thassos) dark brown (Breccia Nouvella) (Emperador) dark green (Verde Antique) absolute black (Belgium Black) The mineral makeup of these marbles require a different chemistry to produce a high gloss finish, which is found in our Marble Gloss Restorer SF. Marble Gloss Restorer SF is a proprietary blend of marble polishing powders and compounds which will renew the look of your marble surfaces. DIRECTIONS: Depending on application (e.g. floor buffer or hand-held rotary buffing machine,) when polishing marble with our Marble Gloss Restorer SF, you first make a slurry by mixing 3 - tablespoons of the marble restorer compound with water. Distribute the slurry over the area of marble to be polished and place buffer with our Ultimate Polishing Pad over slurry and work in a side to side motion between 200 and 2000 RPM for a few minutes. During the marble restoration process, it is normal for the slurry to dry quickly and you will notice a grabbing sensation from the machine which is caused by the friction created from using the Marble Gloss Restorer SF; do not add more water, polish this area dry for another minute or two; then, repeat this identical polishing process by adding more Marble Gloss Restorer SF mixed with water and polish the same area of marble one or two more times, before you start polishing your next section of marble. Be sure to use our Marble Polish and Protector, to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the stone, after using Marble Gloss Restorer SF. Also be sure to maintain properly your refinished marble, by keeping it clean and sanitary with our marble cleaner: NeutraSheen For Marble. Economical to use, 4 ounces of Marble Gloss Restorer SF will polish up to 20 square feet of marble.

Product Features

Now you can polish your marble like a Pro. Due to the mineral makeup of the following species of marble: pure white (Thassos); dark brown (Breccia Nouvella) (Emperador); dark green (Verde Antique); absolute black (Belgium Black); our Marble Gloss Restorer SF (Special Formula) is the correct marble polishing compound to use, instead of using our regular Marble Gloss Restorer. Quick and easy to use, in bringing back the original color and shine on vanity tops, counter tops, bar tops, table tops, floors, walls, and showers. Not to be used on granite; use our Granite Polish and Protector on granite instead.

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